Twin Pine in the News

Twin Pine Farm: Greenhouse Growing

"Our whole family is kind of rogue," says Gary Hogle of Twin Pine Farm, "we do our own thing." Gary's family has harnessed their sense of innovation and adventure to develop and operate a hydroponic farm in Scandia, Minnesota.

The Hogle family has a diverse background and extraordinary way of looking ahead. Gary holds a degree in Business Administration from Moorhead State University, and has 18 years experience in the horticulture business. Gary's father Don retired from 3M after 29 years, and holds a PHD in Physical-Organic Chemistry. His mother Marilyn is also a 3M retiree. Gary's sister Jan earned her PhD in Instructional Technology after finishing undergrad in Biology.

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Cultivating Relationships

When chefs and farmers team up, restaurant customers harvest the benefits.

by Gita Sitaramiah

Twenty years ago, Ulrich Bloecher was an avid gardener who loved to sell his experiments at the St. Paul Farmer's Market. But when he grew arugula, no one was interested in the peppery salad green.

"At that time, nobody knew what arugula was," says Bloecher, who now runs Hilltop Produce Farm near Spring Valley, Wis. 'So I called some of the local chefs. They had heard about it in New York and bought it immediately."

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Summer Veggies Ripe for Picking

by Wendy Merry

When the snow is piled high and the temperatures are dropping low, the sunny days of summer seem far away.

But the growing season of summer is alive and well at Twin Pine Farm in Scandia, where fresh and flavorful tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and herbs are ready to be picked.

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Hydroponic Farming, Wave of Future

by Peter Schwarz

Where, in the dead of a Minnesota winter, can you get a fresh, vine ripened tomato, or a sweet pepper, or a sprig of fragrant basil? Right here, deep in the heart of Scandia or, to be precise, at Twin Pine Farm on Lofton Avenue, half a mile north of Highway 97. Here, Donald and Gary Hogle, a father and son team have built the only hydroponic vegetable farm in the greater Twin Cities area.

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